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Paddypower – Online Bookmakers That Don’t Come Much Better.
Despite being a bookie that is renowned for its crazy humour and zany public persona, it should also be said that Paddy Power have to be taken seriously when approached by punters looking for a reputable online betting service. This major player in the field have cultivated a bold reputation for great odds offered and of possessing a very broad range of markets in sports betting.

The Paddypower presence on social media (Twitter & Facebook) has been the source of much mirth among betting fans for the past few years. They are not afraid to poke fun at the high and mighty in the sports world and beyond. Some very high profile people have been Paddy Power victims in this regard. Stand up Louis Van Gaal, Sep Blatter and a few others.

If you want to bet on who will be bald first, Federer, Murray or Nadal. Paddy Power will probably give you odds!

The Paddy Power free bet is currently in place as a welcome bonus, and goes like this. Deposit and place a single £20 Bet and if you win, fair do’s, but if your bet is a loser, Paddypower will refund the losing bet within 6 hours..

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Overview of Paddy Power
There is no surprise in the fact that the Paddypower site is most definitely green in colour, indicating its Irish heritage. Whilst  Paddy Power come across as the comedians (meant in a good way) of the online betting world, their website is certainly no joke. Indeed, their free bets are very serious and not to be laughed at in any way.

Its huge range of betting markets is certainly a major reason it is so popular, taking in obscure competitions such as the Abu Dhabi Championship and the CareerBuilder Challenge league.

All of their markets can be found on the left hand side of the page whilst all their live events can be found below. The second tab on the live betting section is the horse racing tab where you can find the next five horse racing events.

What else does Paddy Power have to offer?

Paddy Power’s fantastic array of casino, bingo and poker games is directly available via the sports book site. Access to these is very simple to navigate via the menu bar positioned top of screen. Lottery betting is a novel idea which has proven popular. This is a way of betting on lottery outcomes with actually purchasing a ticket.

Paddy Power Messenger is a unique scheme that lets you to pick your favourite football/rugby team, jockey, trainer or whatever and you will receive updated news about your choice, sent to your mobile. Betting is made easy by way of a phone app. If do not own a smartphone you can bet by send Paddypower a text.

What of Paddy Power’s promotions?

When it comes to special money back offers, Paddy Power are the leaders. With big weekend football matches, events such as the Cheltenham Festival and other major racing events, you can be sure Paddy Power have concocted ingenious ways for you to recoup some of your money even when your original bet goes down.

Accumulators, Best Odds Guarantees and early payouts are a major attraction when considering opening an account. Also, their Live Streams made available on great sports events are not to be sniffed at.

Be wise, and take advantage of the Paddy Power free bet welcome – a very attractive bet £20 – get £20 back if you lose.

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